Wireless network

Want to put a wireless printer in the closet?

Like to watch YouTube video on your TV?

Would you like to carry your laptop to any room of your home and browse the Internet?

Wireless networking may be your solution!

Basics requirements:

Computer with Network Interface Card (NIC)

Wireless adapter for each system you want to connect via wireless.

Internet connection ( Cable or DSL preferably) with existing Cable or DSL network bridge.

Wireless router.

I recommend you put the CD that comes with the wireless router back in the box.   The companies that manufacture wireless routers typically do a great job with hardware.   The software on the other hand, leaves more than a bit to be desired.

Connect the wireless router to the Cable or DSL network bridge, often mistakenly called a MODEM.   Use a CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet patch cable.  One is typically supplied with the router.  Connect one end of the patch cable to the only connector on the Cable or DSL network bridge.  Connect the other end of that same patch cable to the WAN or Internet port of the wireless router.  Now if you have an existing patch cable connected to the NIC in your computer, plug that into one of the numbered ports on the wireless router.  Now make the sure power is on for everything.   Next disconnect the power cord to the Cable or DSL network bridge for 5 seconds.   Reconnect it.   Reboot your computer(s).   Everything should be connected to the Internet now.   You are now the newest WLAN Admin on earth!    Next you’ll need to secure your WLAN.  I’ll cover that topic in another post.