Windows 7 x64 Enterprise edition!

For my new workstation, I installed the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise edition. Install from start to first log in took 15 minutes. System reboot from pressing shutdown to seeing the clock on the desktop 34 seconds! The install is currently occupying  12.6G of hard drive space on my Intel X25-M SSD.  That… Continue reading Windows 7 x64 Enterprise edition!

New Toy oh oh oh!

I built a new workstation Tuesday, February 23, 2010.   I built the last one starting in June of 2008, upgraded April of 2009.  It was time for something entirely new. The system is a very capable mid ranged workstation, comprised of: ASUS P7H55-M Pro  Motherboard  mATX Intel Core i5 660 3.33Ghz Processor 4G Corsair DDR3-1333 2X2048… Continue reading New Toy oh oh oh!

WebDAV and Windows XP Pro x64

They seem to have MAJOR compatibility issues.   I have attempted to use WebDAV to connect with OfficeLive web servers.   Using Windows XP Pro x64 with the latest service pack and Windows updates installed, I have had no success.   Windows XP Pro x64 is the fastest Microsoft operating system available.  This taints my love of… Continue reading WebDAV and Windows XP Pro x64

Windows 7 technical review release to expire soon

Just a reminder that the Windows 7 technical review release ends in two weeks.  Time to weigh the alternatives.   I planned to re-install Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.   On doing so today I found that the OS takes up 30G of hard drive real estate after you apply all of the latest updates.  This is… Continue reading Windows 7 technical review release to expire soon

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Rawhide nears Alpha

I have recently been putting the Fedora rawhide software through it’s paces. This is the software that will become Fedora 13 in June. At this point it is nearly feature complete. While it runs very smoothly on most platforms, the latest update of the glib2 package creates real problems with Nvidia chipset based motherboards. The… Continue reading Rawhide nears Alpha