Recent article on Risks of Dual Booting between Windows and Linux filled with misinformation. Amazingly humorous.

GuruMandadi@TWC wrote an article in July of 2022, that was published at the following URL:

The writer in question mentions a wide range of potential problems as if they were regular occurrences.

    • Occupies massive disk space
    • Data conflicts
    • Boot issues with locked partitions
    • Security issues
    • Hardware issues
    • Decline in the performance
    • Difficult to Disk Swap
    • Reduced Productivity

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Occupies massive disk space

linux Mint 21.1 occupies 28GB of space on this system, which includes a wide variety of open source tools to include GIMP, MIXXX, and so on. Windows 10 occupies 190.2GB with a single game being the largest hog of space at 70GB. Win linux.

Data conflicts

I have not experienced a data conflict issue between linux and windows EXCEPT when using a mechanical hard drive many years ago. Then there are times that Windows does not shutdown correctly to write the disk clean BIT on the hard disk when shutting down.

Boot issues with locked partitions

See Data conflicts as to how this comes to pass and why.

Security Issues

linux and any other form of NIX is exponentially more secure than windows due to forethought on the team that designed the permissions hierarchy of UNIX in the 1960s and 1970s by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at Bell Labs, with 999 base permissions for each file. ACLs can increase the security of UNIX, Linux or any other NIX based operating system to be millions of times safer than windows. Even MacOS is using a variant of UNIX called BSD, that also provides 999 file permissions for each and every file. Microsoft Windows has 4 file permissions for each file. Your windows partition is not at risk while running linux, though it certainly is while you are running the Windows operating system.

Dennis Ritchie being the same person that created C Programming language.

Hardware Issues

Mint can run on hardware that is deprecated due to age by the Microsoft Approved Hardware List. 

Decline in the performance

Windows performance for most things is abysmal. When software is natively coded to run on Windows and later ported to linux the code often runs faster in linux than in it’s native windows environment. Direct X applications are the only area where Windows outperforms linux generally. Direct X is a Microsoft API.

Reduced Productivity

Ninety-Nine percent of the web servers on the planet are using linux. Every android phone is using linux. Every Apple IOS phone is using BSD (a version of UNIX). Most vehicles that have a computer are using linux.


linux is the predominant operating system on the planet by a wide margin already and Windows 11 has convinced some to move to linux as their operating system of choice. I would advocate that if dual booting is such a dangerous thing to do, then stop using windows. Opt for a more robust and secure operating system like linux or even MacOS.