Fedora 17 Goes LIVE!

Fedora 17 recieved GOLD status last week. I have been running it through it’s paces ever since. So far, I am quite pleased with Fedora 17. I have always felt a bit, uneasy with Fedora 16. Fedora 17 feels very solid. I have not had a single point of failure with Fedora 17 so far.

Latest benchmarks for i5 2500K

I just completed a new workstation using an Intel i5 2500K processor, with a Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard. The benchmark that follows compares the performance differences between Fedora 15 and Kubuntu 11.04 using the exact same system. Kubuntu 11.04 vs Fedora 15 benchmarks

Gnome 3.0

To those of you who have been looking for a better Gnome, the wait may finally be over. Gnome 3.0 released on April 7th, 2011 and should be coming to your favorite Linux distribution soon. If you do not wish to wait, you can download the Gnome 3 distributions of Fedora and OpenSuse at the… Continue reading Gnome 3.0

Howto: create a local repository for Fedora.

Creating a local Fedora repository is a great way to conserve bandwidth. You can update all of the computers on your local network from one repository. 1)  Install a web server.  I use apache. su -c yum install httpd -y 2)  Create the directories that become the local repository. su -c mkdir -p /var/www/html/yum/F15/releases su… Continue reading Howto: create a local repository for Fedora.

Howto: fix Gconf error from Firefox

An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for firefox. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly. If you click on details of that error you may see: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks… Continue reading Howto: fix Gconf error from Firefox