Fedora 11 Released!

After two slips in the release schedule, Fedora 11 is now released. There are still some problems if you have an Intel ICH10R or Nvidia C55 RAID controller that you formatted using the Windows driver/utilities. Nothing is perfect. Fedora 11 is considerably better than any version of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or other versions of… Continue reading Fedora 11 Released!

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Windows 7 Hype

There seems to be quite a lot of this around today. Various news sources are ramping up the fufara and fanfare for or about Windows 7. I have installed the Release Candidate of Windows 7 on my QX9650 powered workstation. I am not terribly impressed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a feature called Relibility… Continue reading Windows 7 Hype

Howto: Fedora 11 “SoftRAID”

There is now a way to install F11 x64 or i686 on a Nvidia or Intel ICH10R RAID that was initially created using Windows. Install Fedora 9 x64 or i686 from the Full install DVD. Partition as needed. Once that is complete, use a minimal install set for Fedora 9. We do this for the… Continue reading Howto: Fedora 11 “SoftRAID”