ASUS Gaming Desktop

In November of 2021 I purchased an ASUS Gaming Desktop computer. I bought it at Best Buy and had it delivered to my front door. The model is a ASUS ROG STRIX C15-B11. It comes with an Intel 11700KF CPU, an ASUS TUF Gaming Nvidia RTX 3080 NON LHR GPU, 16GB of rather generic RAM,… Continue reading ASUS Gaming Desktop

Razer Death Adder Essential

One of my favorite mice thus far, it looks sharp in white or black and it tracks exceptionally well. Holds up to use and abuse even gaming hard for hundreds of hours. Comes in black or white models.


AMD Radeon Driver 20.4.1 This is one of the bugs that exist in the recent AMD drivers for the 5700 XT. It may also exist for other AMD cards with this driver or for this card on the 20.4.2 or 20.5.1 driver. This one was very difficult to isolate. I enabled the “Video Replay” feature… Continue reading AMD Radeon DRIVER GLITCH

Linux Mint 19.2 Install of Netgear A-7000 USB 3.0 Wireless adapter

The following outlines the procedure to install the “rtl8814au” driver for Linux Mint 19.2 The kernel recommended is 5.0 or greater. sudo apt install build-essential sudo apt install bc sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) sudo apt install git dkms sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade git clone cd rtl8814au make sudo make install… Continue reading Linux Mint 19.2 Install of Netgear A-7000 USB 3.0 Wireless adapter

So long to an old supplier

Corsair is cutting corners I have been building computer systems professionally since 1990. Before that it was merely a hobby. Through the years I came to trust certain vendors for parts more so than others. EVGA for their video cards, Antec Cases, Corsair RAM and Power supplies, Kingston RAM…. others come to mind but I… Continue reading So long to an old supplier

The Photo FINISH

Boot time variance between two high-end rigs I have two computers that I use for my primary desktops. One I built in July of 2018. The other I built in April of 2019. System 1 Intel i7 8700K 4.3Ghz CPUASUS ROG Strix Z370-E MotherboardCorsair Carbide 600Q inverse CaseCorsair H115i Pro CPU CoolerCorsair HX750i Power SupplyG.Skill… Continue reading The Photo FINISH