Howto: Securely remove data from a drive.

Many purported security experts believe that reformatting a computer will remove all traces of data. That is just not accurate. Drives can be formatted and reformatted and will still have files that can be easily recovered with the right tools. There are 2 primary ways to permanently remove data from a hard drive. One is… Continue reading Howto: Securely remove data from a drive.

Security: Buying online while wireless.

Recently there has been a lot of technical buzz from purported security experts related to e-commerce on wireless connections. Their general premise is that a wireless network is not secure, therefore any form of communication on said network is also compromised. Hogwash and an utter lack of technical expertise abound. The Facts: When you connect… Continue reading Security: Buying online while wireless.

Fedora 13 slips another week.

The release schedule for Fedora 13 has been pushed back another week. The current release schedule indicates May 25, 2010 as the release date. I would much prefer to see a product released well tested than as a beta. Microsoft could learn a lesson from Fedora in this regard.