I have purchased 5 video cards and three motherboards from Evga.    I have had to return an 8800 GT video card and a 7900 GT video card for warranty repairs.  Evga offers a lifetime warranty.  They honor this warranty even if you overclock the part.   You do have to register your product within 30 days… Continue reading Evga


I attended the Intel Channel Conference, June of 2008, in Irvine.  Gigabyte had an impressive display at the conference. They even had one knowledgeable person that spoke English well.  My fiancee won the raffle for an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 quad core processor at that ICC.  I decided to give a Gigabyte motherboard an… Continue reading Gigabyte


Through December of 2008, I recommended local.yahoo.com to my clients and potential clients that were outside of my commuting range.     I was proud of my businesses placement in the local.yahoo listings.  I had several positive reviews.  When searching for a Computer Consultant,  Network Security, Wireless, and several other key categories that are relevant to my… Continue reading Local.yahoo.com

Custom spin

A custom spin is a version of the Linux operating system that has each package selected or deselected by the creator of the custom spin.   This can be quite useful if you want to install any build of any flavor of Linux, exactly the same way on numerous machines.  If you want two or more… Continue reading Custom spin

Revisor part duex

After a great deal of time and effort, I found revisor to be completely inadequate.  It has numerous issues that prevent it from performing the intended functions.   I used liveCD-creator as the tool to create the custom LiveCD iso images that I need instead.  I was able to create a custom built package set and… Continue reading Revisor part duex


This early AM I was fighting the good fight with revisor.  Revisor is a Fedora unity application for creating custom software package sets for LiveCD, LiveDVD and LiveUSB application.  A LiveUSB allows you to boot a computer from the USB drive directly to Linux, without modifying the computer hard drive. I ultimately had to uninstall… Continue reading Revisor


I frequently get asked which processor is best. There is no quick and easy answer to that question.  Factors such as budget, what you plan to use the computer for,  overall performance, existing system, all play a part.  If you only browse the web and check email, you would be ill advised to purchase a… Continue reading Processors

WLAN Security

Now that you have a wireless local area network (WLAN) it needs to be secured to prevent everyone from logging into your network.   You will need the manual that came with your wireless router for this.  It may be on the CD.  Download the manual from the router manufacturer’s web site if necessary.  All of… Continue reading WLAN Security