Windows 7 is finally released

Windows7 is now available.

I am not terribly impressed.

I have been using the Release Candidate Technical Preview of Windows7 Ultimate 64bit edition for about 7 months.

A few comparisons:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit takes 20 minutes to install and approximately 4 hours to get all the “right” stuff installed.

Fedora 11 x64 takes 6 minutes to install and approximately 2 hours to get all the “right” stuff installed.

When I say right stuff I am using the same right stuff on both Windows7 and Fedora.

Winner Fedora.

Fedora 11 x64 boots faster.  43  Seconds to a usable desktop for Fedora.  61 seconds for Windows7 Ultimate 64bit.   On the same system.  Windows7 has the advantage of the sweeter “spot” of the hard drive at the first primary partition.  Fedora is at the tail end of the same hard drive.

Firefox works well on Windows7 Ultimate x64 and it works equally well on Fedora 11 x64.

Windows7 Ultimate x64 costs $319 (suggested retail)  I can actually purchase the OEM version for $169.

Fedora 11 x64 costs Nothing.  Yes that’s right it’s FREE!  Since I get most of my software free as a Microsoft Core Beta Tester and a Technical software reviewer this does not actually impact me.   Those who would have to pay for Windows7 might appreciate the lower price of Fedora.

Wimdows7 Ultimate x64 requires a virus scanner installed.   Typical high quality Anti-Virus Suite costs $60 – $90.  ESET Smart Security version 4  is $96 for two years.  You can use Avast or AVG free versions in non-commercial home use only scenarios, but they are not as effective as ESET Smart Security Suite 4.

Fedora 11 x64 has no need of a virus scanner typically.  If you should happen to actually need one for your Mail server on Fedora, you can download Clamav/Freshclam/Klamav for free.

Speed for your average day to day tasks is very similar for the two operating systems.

Windows7 Ultimate x64 with all the applications I use installed, occupies 29.84G of disk space.

Fedora 11 x64 with the full compliment of applications I use occupies 6.87G of disk space.

Not really an issue unless you are purchasing an SSD drive for your operating system.