SanDisk Issues Continue to Astound!

I called the Corporate headquarters for SanDisk this morning to suggest that they need to implement some changes to the wording of one of their knowledge base articles.
The receptionist finally picked up the phone after 25 rings.

Please connect me to the Director of Support or the Public relations department.
She replied: “We do not have listings by department or Job function here. We only have names and extensions.”
I replied, “That is rather Unorthodox! I guess I can not talk to anyone about your issue.”

The issue is that the “SanDisk “One Touch” backup USB stick” U3 application does not work under Windows 7. The knowledge base indicates a procedure for a work around that does not work as well. You can update the U3 application with a Windows XP system. The U3 application does function after the update is applied 4 times. Even when the U3 application functions, the “One Touch Backup” does not function.