Howto: Secure passwords

An article published in the New York Times January 22, 2010, written by Ashlee Vance, indicates that far too many people use simple passwords.

There is an easy solution for this issue. Roboform2GO can be installed on a USB flash drive.  It can store the URL and passwords for 10 websites for free, and unlimited websites once you pay for and register the software.   The application works well with all versions of Windows that use either Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.   I happened upon this very useful program while servicing a client system.    I have been a proponent ever since.  You can use a “master password” to secure your passwords. You remember ONE password, Roboform stores the rest for you, in an encrypted format.   The software can also generate extremely secure passwords in real time with adjustable criterion. Need a 12 digit pass phrase with 2 numerals and one special character? No problem.  It encrypts all of your passwords on the USB Flash drive.  You can also install the software directly to your computer.    For $59+shipping you can have all your passwords secured on one USB flash drive.  It’s a small price to pay for serious password security.    It also prevents key loggers from stealing your passwords.

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