A new definition for CSS.

Computer Stress Syndrome is a new medically accepted term for the stress that people suffer directly related to their computers.

Slow boot times,  crashing computers, and the agony of dealing with technical support are but a few of the many causes.

Though I am not a Medical Doctor,  I do have a suggestion that may prevent or severely curtail CSS in your life.

Hire a professional computer consultant.

Ask your computer consultant to schedule routine visits.   Most of my clients benefit from a one hour visit every three to four months.

If you are technically gifted, you may not need a consultant that often.  If you are technically challenged you may need more frequent visits.

Call your consultant when you first become aware of major issues with your computer.   The sooner an issue is resolved the less stress it will cause you.  You may also save time and money on the repairs.   Most computer issues have a tendency to domino much like car  and/or home repairs.

Computer consultants are considerably less expensive per hour than psychiatrists.  The results are often more immediate and tangible.  Many computer consultants still make house calls.