Asus Motherboard warranty Issue UpDate

I have been a proponent of Asus products 13 years. In 1998 I won an Asus notebook at an Intel Channel Conference as a door prize. It still works today. After building systems for 13 years using Asus motherboards, I have had 2 motherboards that were defective.

The first defective Asus motherboard was replaced in four business days by Asus.

Three months ago I created an RMA for the 2nd defective motherboard. A week after the RMA was created I was sent the necessary forms to obtain a replacement part. Then I filled out the forms and sent those back to Asus. Four weeks ago I received a replacement motherboard.

The replacement unit was Dead on Arrival. It took 3 weeks of contacting Asus to get a shipping label from Asus to ship the defective repaired motherboard back to Asus. When Asus received the defective replacement motherboard from me, they CLOSED the original RMA. Apparently they believe in the one part per RMA process. That would be wonderful if they never shipped a defective part. For that matter if they never shipped a defective part, I would never have to create an RMA.

Today I had to have a new RMA created for the defective motherboard, AGAIN. Now I will need to fill out all of the Asus forms again and wait for a repaired replacement motherboard, again.

That will be the last time an Asus part goes into a system I build. I can not afford to wait for weeks or months for an RMA order to be fulfilled for my clients. Intel motherboards are not as feature complete as Asus motherboards. Intel ships RMA replacements over night. The cost difference is not a factor.  I will miss the features that Asus incorporates into their motherboards.  I will not miss the new RMA process.