Target COULD have paid attention

If you search through my posts from 2010 I responded on this site to a rash of misinformation in the news about man in the middle attacks related to HTTPS transactions over ANY connection type including wireless at your local Coffee shop or McDonalds.

Then as now, if your browser is using HTTPS and the web site you are visiting is ALSO using HTTPS, it would take 1000s of modern computers years to decipher the encrypted content. So change your password at your bank and other sensitive sites once a year, every quarter if you would prefer to be ULTRA safe.

The part Target COULD have paid attention to, is that I said in that post on May 18, 2010:

Your credit card is more likely to be compromised by the database of the merchant, than via your secure transaction. This can and does happen frequently. It is still a much more secure method of purchasing than when you visit a store in person.

Evans Computer Consulting at on May 18, 2010