Windows 7 Hype

There seems to be quite a lot of this around today. Various news sources are ramping up the fufara and fanfare for or about Windows 7. I have installed the Release Candidate of Windows 7 on my QX9650 powered workstation. I am not terribly impressed. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a feature called Relibility… Continue reading Windows 7 Hype

Primary Workstation completed!

I have finally completed building my new primary Workstation.   The system that the Gurulog is hosted on a dedicated server again. I apologize for the long wait.  I had a serious cold/flu for two weeks.    Then it took a day to get the new workstation assembled and the operating systems installed. Workstation Hardware and Software… Continue reading Primary Workstation completed!

New Video Card, more RAM, Vista asks for activation again.

I installed a new Evga GTX260 core 216 video card into my E8400 based workstation. The video card generates a considerable amount of heat. This caused a hard drive in the E8400 workstation to get close to it’s temperature limits. I moved the card to the QX9650 workstation instead later in the evening. The QX9650… Continue reading New Video Card, more RAM, Vista asks for activation again.

php 5.2.9-1 Update

php has released a new update for Windows php editions. This update does not apply to Nix variants. This is a security related update. php 5.2.9-1 is readily available on the php site.