Buy Intel stock

This is an excellent time to invest in Intel common stock if you are able. The advances AMD has made have had a dramatic impact on the cost of intel lowering it to a point that it is very affordable. I also recommend that if you are in the long game vs short that you… Continue reading Buy Intel stock


If you appreciate the content I write and create on this site, there is an easy way to help defray my costs for this web site. I pay about $20 USD a year for the domain name and about $4 in electricity a month out of my own pocket. If you buy something from Amazon… Continue reading Donations

Go Team Red!

AMD had a special launch event to showcase their new APU offerings. I waited for 3 hours before the event then was put into a virtual line for over two hours. Reminds me of the 6800XT GPU launch. There’s an interesting problem on the description of the AMD web site for their new APUs. Both… Continue reading Go Team Red!

Intel releases new AX200 and USB 5.0 drivers

Intel released some new drivers for their AX200 series of Wifi adapters. They also released an updated driver for USB 5.0 devices. These definitely improve the performance of your Wifi adapter or did for me. The link to the Wifi driver is here: OR you may just want to run the Intel update tool.

AMD Stock

If you purchased AMD at 50-60 and are in it for the short gain, this is a great time to sell and take a profit.