Firestorm Viewer install for linux Mint 21.1

First update your environmentOpen a terminal and type the following:sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade; sudo apt autoremove Then Download Firestorm from their web site. Pick the Penguin, and the 64 bit download. Extract the file by either tar -xvf Phoenix-Firestorm-Releasex64-6-6-8-68380.tar.xz or with the file viewer using Archive Manager. Now install. I use /opt/fire… Continue reading Firestorm Viewer install for linux Mint 21.1

ASUS Gaming Desktop

In November of 2021 I purchased an ASUS Gaming Desktop computer. I bought it at Best Buy and had it delivered to my front door. The model is a ASUS ROG STRIX C15-B11. It comes with an Intel 11700KF CPU, an ASUS TUF Gaming Nvidia RTX 3080 NON LHR GPU, 16GB of rather generic RAM,… Continue reading ASUS Gaming Desktop