There is a new security update for Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is a new version of Adobe Flash Plugin for security.  All operating systems.  – 10r32 There is a new version of WordPress for security. 2.8.3 There is a new release of Firefox for security – 3.5.2 New Kernel for F11. An entire rollover… Continue reading Recent UPDATES

Apple Security Issues OS X 10.5.7 and earlier affected.

Overview Apple has released multiple Security Updates, 2009-002 / Mac OS X version 10.5.7 and Safari 3.2.3, to correct multiple vulnerabilities affecting Apple Mac OS X , Mac OS X Server, and the Safari web browser. Attackers could exploit these vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code, gain access to sensitive information, or cause a denial of… Continue reading Apple Security Issues OS X 10.5.7 and earlier affected.

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New kernel release for F10 available.

There is a new kernel release for Fedora 10 released. It is readily available on the public mirrors. I highly recommend it. My initial tests show a 5% performance increase using the kernel.

php 5.2.9-1 Update

php has released a new update for Windows php editions. This update does not apply to Nix variants. This is a security related update. php 5.2.9-1 is readily available on the php site.

php 5.2.7 Security Flaw

php 5.2.7 has been recalled due to a series of security flaws. Update to 5.2.8 or 5.2.9 ASAP. If 5.2.8 or 5.2.9 is not available for your distribution, revert to 5.2.6.

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