Adobe security issues

The Flash player and Acrobat reader have security issues again. This vulnerability affects Flash Player 9 through Adobe Reader 9, Acrobat 9, and other Adobe products (including Photoshop CS3, PhotoShop Lightroom, Freehand MX, Fireworks) provide Flash support independent of Flash Player. Install the 10.1 version of Flash if you need flash or uninstall flash… Continue reading Adobe security issues


There is a new security update for Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is a new version of Adobe Flash Plugin for security.  All operating systems.  – 10r32 There is a new version of WordPress for security. 2.8.3 There is a new release of Firefox for security – 3.5.2 New Kernel for F11. An entire rollover… Continue reading Recent UPDATES

Microsoft Office 2010 Why?

There is a lot of hype today in the Press about Microsoft Office 2010 and all the bells and whistles related. Why wait for Microsoft to offer a solution when is available NOW? is available for every common operating system there is: Windows, Linux and Mac Microsoft Office is just for Windows and… Continue reading Microsoft Office 2010 Why?